How we started and where we are today

Here at Spark Energy, we do things differently. We’re the leading energy supplier for tenants across the UK and we work with letting agents to get your electricity and gas set up as simply as possible.

We started in 2007 as a small but innovative start-up company. Our background was in the letting industry and we wanted to fill a gap in the utility market to meet the needs of tenants.

Since then, we’ve grown rapidly and so has our customer base. We now supply over 140,000 customers after Spark Energy recorded its first profit in 2013.

We’re committed to giving our customers a “Better than Big Six” service – we receive fewer complaints and are there when and where you need us, with handy Live Chat on our website, a 24-hour automated phone service and a dedicated app on the way too.

We’re constantly looking to try out new products or services and get involved in activities that empower our staff and benefit our customers. Below is just a snapshot of some of the great things we’ve been involved with in recently…



There are a few ways to find out more about everything we’ve been up to or to get in touch about your supply…