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Private renters set to soar in next 10 years

Over half of people aged 20 to 39 will be renting homes from private landlords in 10 years’ time, says a report by accountancy firm PwC. UK house prices are rising at an average

Brand Spark-ing New – A New Look From Your Energy Company

You’ve probably noticed a few changes around here. As part of our Customer Promise, we’ve looked at how we communicate with you and what we can do to make it easier and better to

How to get the most from your utilities provider

No one gets excited about receiving energy bills but it needn’t always be something to fret over if you’re getting the most from your supplier. There are many ways to drive down prices if

Chris Huhne picks up fight for better energy deals for consumers

It’s great to see that Chris Huhne is championing the consumer regarding energy companies and trying to speed things up for them, while also getting them a better deal. But there’s other ways people

Where to find Spark Energy’s Tariffs

We’ve had a couple of emails from people over the weekend saying they had been told that our price tariffs weren’t online. Now we’d just like to point out that this is not the