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5 Surprising Ways you can Help the Ozone Layer

Over the years, the ozone layer has become a seriously hot topic (pardon the pun).  So much so that since 1995, the United Nations has celebrated September 16 as International Day for the Preservation

Supporting Heads Together

It’s International Charity Day and what better way to celebrate than by giving back?

Keeping you Warm this Winter: Warm Home Discount

Do you qualify for extra help this winter, or know someone who does? The Warm Home Discount is a great scheme, introduced to help customers who may struggle with their energy bills during the

All Around the World

It’s World Population Day and if you think there’s enough people on this planet, prepare yourself as it’s set to get a whole lot bigger….

We’re Work-a-holics

Today is Work-a-holics Day and if it wasn’t for our lovely customers, Spark wouldn’t be here – we just wanted to say a big thanks and let everyone know about some of the things