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We’re investing £1.5m in our digital future…

We’re always working on innovative solutions to create a smooth and effortless experience for all of our customers. We’ve recently committed to investing an additional £1.5m in our digital future, allowing us to focus

When Energy Lit up the World

Energy has fascinated human kind since our ancestors discovered fire and our curiosity has inspired many inventions over the years helping make life that little bit easier.

Keeping Things Simple

Life can be busy. With crazy schedules and ever-growing responsibilities, it can often be hard to find some ‘me time’. Fret not, as it’s ‘National Simplify your Life’ week.

The Quiet Cost of Your Appliances

Households up and down the country could manage their energy use smarter. Here at Spark, we’re on hand to help you identify which appliances are using up the most electricity and where you could

May the 4th be with you!

It’s International Star Wars Day and what better way to celebrate than to have a Star Wars moviemarathon, whilst dressed head to toe in Stormtrooper gear.