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5 Surprising Ways you can Help the Ozone Layer

Over the years, the ozone layer has become a seriously hot topic (pardon the pun).  So much so that since 1995, the United Nations has celebrated September 16 as International Day for the Preservation

Be Kind to our Planet on World Friendship day

What better way to celebrate World Friendship Day than looking at ways we can be kind to our wonderful planet.

The Guide to a TV Binge

Winter is coming! Well not quite yet but it’s never far away when you live in the UK.

Level Up On These Energy Stats

It’s video game day so it may be time to dig out the dusty Sega –  which as well as being a collector’s dream, is also much easier on your energy usage.

The Top 5 Energy Guzzlers in your Kitchen

Did you know our kitchens contain some of the highest energy consuming appliances in our homes!?