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We’re investing £1.5m in our digital future…

We’re always working on innovative solutions to create a smooth and effortless experience for all of our customers. We’ve recently committed to investing an additional £1.5m in our digital future, allowing us to focus

Direct Debits explained – how we look after you and your payment amount

To DD or not to DD – that is the question. Many people wonder if it’s worth switching to Direct Debit. The answer, in short – yes, of course! Paying by Direct Debit is

How to get the most from your utilities provider

No one gets excited about receiving energy bills but it needn’t always be something to fret over if you’re getting the most from your supplier. There are many ways to drive down prices if

Spark Energy SmartPay meters – get the lowdown!

Spark Energy SmartPay meters are the quick and easy way to pay your Smart Energy bill. For more information, please visit our dedicated Spark Energy Smart Meters site.

Introducing Smartpay from Spark Energy

For Spark Energy customers, the new age of smart energy metering is here! The electricity meter installed in your property will soon be able to communicate meter readings directly to Spark Energy, giving you