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You’re in safe hands with Spark Energy (and we are with Macquarie!)

You’re in safe hands with Spark (and we are with Macquarie!) If you’ve read about GB Energy ceasing trading this weekend and are alarmed…don’t be. We’ve been around since 2007 and buy energy for

Stay Energy Safe

Did you know, dodgy energy meters and energy theft costs the public £440 million every year? But what do we mean by a ‘dodgy meter’?

The Academy – Raising the bar at Spark

At Spark, we’re committed to offering our customers a genuinely excellent customer experience. That’s why we’re excited to have completed work on our new staff training facility – The Academy.

Complaints have to be dealt with, but focus should be on making our customers happy

Today (Friday Sep 26) Ofgem released details of a commissioned report on the quality of customer complaint handling – urging suppliers to significantly improve the way they handle customers’ complaints. Nothing to argue with

Can you help us regarding online reviews

As with all energy companies we like to try and keep our customers happy and help them where we can. We also welcome feedback and there’s many sites out there for that. But we