We’re calling it a day with standard tariffs…

Spark Energy money saving tariff'sHere at Spark, we’re all about making energy as simple as it should be and our team are always looking for ways to improve customer experience – that’s why we’re really pleased to be getting rid of standard tariffs for our customers who are coming to the end of their fixed deal.

After asking our customers what they’d like to see in a new tariff, 80% said they’d prefer to fix their rates for 12 months – and we listened.

So, if you’ve been on one of our fixed deals you’ll now be rolled onto another fixed price tariff, with no exit fees, if you don’t make an active choice about your next tariff.

Over the next few weeks, we’re launching a number of digital platforms for customers that’ll help simplify how they make choices about their energy, manage their account, set up essential utilities and engage with us.

The end of our standard tariff is just the beginning of things to come in doing more to help home movers get a great deal on their utilities.

The challenge is now encouraging those of you who haven’t engaged to do so. We’d love to help more of our customers make those positive choices so if you want more information on the best option for you, and how much you could save, visit our tariff comparison page now or download our app.


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