The Guide to a TV binge

television binge

With more TV available now than ever before (thank you streaming services!), staying in is the new going out.

Whether you like Game of Thrones or Girls, Suits or The Sinner, Black Mirror or Breaking Bad, we’re on the case to help you couch-potato like a pro, all the while keeping your energy costs down.

Preparation is key

Getting your supplies ready is essential – the last thing you want to do is hit pause. Get snacks that don’t need to go in the fridge or oven – fresh food or microwave meals are energy friendly and take no time to prep, helping balance your purse throughout your viewing session. Sweet or salted popcorn?

Set the mood

Do you really need the light on? Close those curtains, switch off the lights and submerge yourself in the worlds of your favourite characters, all the while keeping those energy costs at a minimum! Disclaimer: We cannot take responsibility for any food or drinks spillages caused by you jumping out your skin during scary moments…

Wrap up

There’s nothing better than being all cosy and curled up on the sofa. Grab a blanket, get comfy and leave that heating off – it is supposed to be spring after all (though up here in Scotland, we’re not so sure).

Follow these tips and you’ll be TV binging like a pro in no time, whilst saving energy (and money!) at the same time. Less money spent on gas and electricity = more money for snacks. Box set marathon, anyone?

 Reach for the Sky

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