Pancake Day – Our top 7 tips on saving energy in the kitchen

3794654592_7e5e118835_oWith Pancake Day back once again, it’s time to get the ingredients in and the utensils out ready to cook up a storm! As much fun as it can be, did you know that cooking can contribute towards 4% of your total gas and electricity bill? Being a little bit more aware of how you’re using kitchen appliances can decrease your energy usage whilst reducing your bills at the same time. To make up for all the yummy pancakes you’ll be frying, read on for our 7 top tips on saving energy in the kitchen:

Use the microwave instead of the oven

Generally, microwaves are the most energy efficient methods of cooking food so where possible it’s best to microwave your food rather than use the oven or hob. Although don’t forget to unplug when you’re not using it – it takes a lot of electricity to power the little clock (that never tells the correct time!)

Slow cookers and pressure cookers are great too

They’re also more efficient than the oven for heating or cooking. An added bonus is that you can throw your ingredients in and leave to cook whilst you tackle that never-ending to-do list. Keep calm and curry on!

Match your pan to the best hob ring

Using a ring on the hob that’s too big for the pan will waste energy, so make sure the ring is the same size or smaller than your pan.

Use fewer pans and keep the lids on

Try to cook more than one item in the same pan, and keep the lid on to make sure it heats or boils quicker. If you are cooking vegetables, pasta or rice, make sure you only use enough water to just cover them – doing this means less water needs to be heated and your food will cook quicker. A penne for your thoughts on this easy tip?

Use the kettle for your cuppa

The kettle is quicker and more efficient than a pan for boiling water, so use it for your tea and coffee.

Only boil the water you need

Use your mug to fill the kettle so you only boil what you need. Boiling extra water each time wastes energy and costs you more in the long run. Another way to boil water more efficiently would be to offer to make multiple cups of tea at once rather than boil the kettle individually each time. We’ll get the tea, you get the biscuits!

Your toaster’s made for toastin’

There is no competition when it comes to saving energy when making toast. Toasters are more efficient for making toast and cheaper to use than the grill. The toughest decision here is butter or jam?

Following these simple tips to cook more efficiently will help you to save both energy AND money. If you really want to cook efficiently this Pancake Day, give this no-bake pancake recipe a go:

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