5 ways to save energy in and around the workplace

It’s ‘Big Energy Savings Week’ and what better way to celebrate than with some useful hints and tips on energy saving at work.

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These days, it seems we’re taking more and more steps to try and save energy (and money!) in and around the home. It’s easier than you think to take some of these energy-saving measures and apply them at work, so you’re doing your bit to help the business, but also the environment too. It may seem like you can’t make much of a difference, if you work for a business with dozens or maybe even hundreds of computers and countless lights on at any given moment. However, if we all do our bit, we really can make a difference. Read on for a few simple tips on how you can become an energy-saving workplace warrior:

1. If you’re not using it, switch it off!

IT equipment such as computers and laptops use a lot of energy, especially since they‘re used day-in, day-out. When not in use, make sure you have them on standby or power-saving mode, and always remember to switch it off at the end of the day and over the weekend. Unplugging and switching off laptop and mobile phone chargers once fully charged is another way you can ensure you’re not wasting electricity.

It can be useful to use an extension cable for each group of electronics in the office; you can use the main on/off switch to turn off the power to all connected appliances at once, when they’re not in use. Do all this, and you might just be granted the title of official Office Energy-saving Hero! (Cape not included).

2. Fancy a cuppa?

Rather than everyone going and making their own cups of tea, boiling the kettle individually each time, why not make a rota or take it in turns to make tea for those around you? This small change will result in big energy savings in the office. One lump or two?

3. Do you really need to print that email?

The printer is one of the most heavily used pieces of equipment in the average office. One way you can save energy is simply by asking yourself: “Do I really need to print this?” We’re all guilty of wanting something physical to hold on to and review in close detail; but instead, try using the zoom function on the screen for a better (and more energy efficient) view; this’ll do the trick and ensure less power and paper is wasted.

Everything is digital these days, so going paperless and storing important pieces of information on the computer is the best way to work – it’ll not only reduce the electricity needed to print, but will also reduce the office’s carbon footprint through using less paper. If you really have to print, you could consider printing double-sided or in black-and-white. Each of these little measures can amount to significant energy savings in the office overall.

4. Let there be light! (Unless you’re not in the room)

Lights being left on are one of the main energy guzzlers in the workplace. If you leave a room, turning the light off is an easy way to save electricity (just make sure the room is empty and you haven’t left anyone sitting in the dark!)

5. I’ll pick you up at 8am!

Another way you can contribute to helping save energy around the workplace is by car-sharing. There’s nothing worse than having to park miles away from the office, or queuing to get out of the office car park when 5pm comes around. If you have colleagues who live nearby, or on the way to work, it might make sense to take it in turns to drive. This means less air pollution and less congestion in the office car park.

Making these small, simple changes to your daily routines in and around the office will end up making a big difference to helping your work stay energy efficient, as well as helping out the environment too. Be the Office Electricity-saving Hero! (cape not included).

You can find more energy saving tips on our website!

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