The Grinch’s Festive Energy Saving Tips

We all know that no-one is as miserly and begrudging as The Grinch when it comes to money; so, let’s hear his top five festive (he told us not to say that) saving tips.


  1. Switch to LEDs

Reducing your bills can often be difficult during the festive season, with fairy lights twinkling for hours on end.

You may already have a collection of bulbs from years past, but LED Christmas lights use 90 per cent less energy than incandescent. So, if you’re ready for a change, donate the old ones and get some new LEDs. They’re brighter and have an awesome blue-ish tone, to help you achieve that icy-cool look.

  1. Limit the light

Consider using candles round the house – they’re energy neutral and a great way to create some beautiful mood lighting.

For safety purposes, you could also try using battery-operated LED candles. You can even get the fancy ones which will flicker, to achieve that candle effect without the fire hazard!

  1. Move the tree

Now The Grinch might like to rip down Christmas trees, but if you watch where you put yours, he might not have to.

It’s important to keep as much heat and natural light in the house as possible. Try not block off sources of heat by placing your tree in front of a radiator. This will help get that all-important warmth circulate in the room more easily.

  1. Get bake-smart!

From mince pies to chocolate logs, Christmas baking can bring that festive feeling into your kitchen.

While cooking on the stove, remember to keep the lids on to keep in the heat, so your food will cook in less time. Also consider using the microwave for smaller tasks, like preparing dipping chocolate, to conserve power.

  1. Turn it off

Standby mode should be known as the Grinch that stole Christmas. It constantly steals energy from homes without us even knowing!

If you’re not at home remember to turn off all your decorations and equipment at the mains. It could be using nearly 90% of its normal consumption. Now that winter is officially here why not read our top tips on how to keep warm in this chilly weather.

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