World Television Day

Clear your diaries and prepare to get comfy – November 21st is World TV Day.  The perfect excuse to train for a marathon…. of your favourite series and go on a mega-binge without feeling guilty at all.

Believe it or not, the date has actually been protected since 1996 by the United Nations – recognising the importance of TV as a platform and its impact on topics of global relevance. Incredible to think that World Heads of State could well be marking the day too, by sitting down to watch some of their favourite shows.

Television has come a long way since John Logie Baird, who worked out how to transmit images in the 1920s, invented it.

The first international transmission was in 1929, with images broadcast by the BBC across the Atlantic, viewed by a small audience on a screen about half the size of the average smartphone.

It was predicted to fail as late as 1945 by popular film makers, with Movie producer Darryl Zanuck announcing that, “People will get tired of staring at a plywood box”.


Fast forward 70 years and it’s not unusual for a family home to have a 3D/4K device which is hooked up to hundreds of channels from around the world and of course, the internet.

It really makes you wonder how things will develop in the next 70 years – whether it’ll be virtual reality, extra dimensions or a completely new technology altogether that’s capturing people’s attention.

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