Winter is Coming

The clocks have gone back, the nights are drawing in and everyone seems to be wrapping up – no matter how much we want to fight it, winter is right around the corner.

While it may not bring a smile to everyone’s face, the imminent change of seasons shouldn’t be something to worry about (too much!)

For example, you could unveil your winter fashion look AND apply some small household-hacks to keep your home nice and cosy during the colder days and nights!


Below are our top 5 tips to get ready for winter:

  1. Turn your heating down: Yes, you read that correctly. Even the slightest adjustment to your boiler can save money without much difference to temperature levels. As reported by the Energy Saving Trust, dropping one degree can shave 10% from your annual bill.
  2. Block those draughts: Nobody likes a draughty room, but luckily, this can be an easy problem to fix. Whether it’s a draught excluder, sealant, poly-filler or simply shutting the door behind you… there are countless ways to stop unwanted wintry blasts.
  3. Winter wardrobe: Everyone likes an excuse to go shopping and the colder weather is the perfect reason to invest in a good coat and some snug jumpers. Have a look around for hat, scarf and glove combos to really protect from the elements and make sure you’re prepared for everything a winter’s day can throw at you.
  4. Careful curtain culture: An important tool in the battle against cold, your curtains will guard the front-line between cold and cosy. Keep them open during the day to let in the heat then pull them closed once the evening rolls around, and all that warmth becomes trapped. When you wake-up to darkness it’s easy to fall into the habit of leaving the curtains drawn – but try not to be tempted, as that’s energy inefficiency!
  5. Double the duvet: A quick survey of Spark HQ reveals many different approaches to the ideal winter duvet. Some people are obsessed with ‘maximum togs’ while others prefer their bedding options to be light. What are togs you ask? Tog rating describes the warmth of “Thermal Resistance”, ranging from 4 right up to 13.5. If you’re cold at night, consider increasing the thickness of your covers or looking for something with a bit more bulk, then you can save that 1 degree and still be snug as a bug.

For anyone eager to find out about other ways we can help keep you warm this winter, why not read all about our Warm Home Discount scheme:


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