Top 5 Energy Guzzlers in the…Living Room

Using too much energy is something most of us like to avoid when relaxing on the sofa but while you’re taking it easy be careful of the things around you which might be silently consuming power.

Televisions: The focal point of any well-equipped living room, the average Brit spends 170 minutes a day staring at ‘the box’. Unsurprisingly, all of that watching adds up – accounting for half of household electronic usage but there’s a few tips which can help cut consumption.

Check the star rating as an A-certified device can be 25% more efficient. Size also matters – with a bigger screen using more power.

Games consoles:  As consoles get more powerful, their energy usage is also growing.  As the market is pretty cornered by a few big brands there isn’t too much you can do in ways of shopping around. But try and turn them off at the mains after a marathon session and definitely don’t leave anything on stand-by.  Some controllers might be battery powered so always use rechargeables rather than something you’ll throw away every two weeks.ipad-820272_960_720 (1)

Computers:  Most of us have been guilty of some ‘multi-screening’ while we undertake a TV binge. While desktop usage is falling, laptops and tablets are still offenders when it comes to energy.  Take out the cable when on full charge and make sure your equipment has a high efficiency rating.  Also have fiddle with the brightness settings as too much glare can soak up your battery life.  Finally, we always advise customers to shy away from hibernate mode, always press the off button.

Lighting: Creating the correct ambience is essential for a comfortable night chilling but that intricate light set-up you’re fond of may come at a cost.   This doesn’t mean you should start stockpiling  candles when Energy Star certified bulbs are quick fix to ensure your favourite mood lighting is a little bit greener. But ALWAYS switch them off when you leave the room.

Radiators: As we creep towards winter, keeping warm is pretty high on the agenda. While cosiness is still key, there’s no need to be extravagant. One trick is to turn off radiators in rooms which are not being used.  The canny amongst you will have lowered your thermostats for the summer months but instead of flipping it right up, gradually increase the dial as temperatures drop.

For anyone keen to tackle energy consumption elsewhere in their home or lifestyle, visit here.

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