Cheerfully Charging your Day

What did the light bulb say to the electric generator? You spark up my life!

Or have you heard the one about two atoms waking down the street?

One says to the other, oh no – I’ve lost an electron! His friend asks ‘are you sure?’
‘Yes’, he says… ‘I’m positive!’

Young family having fun

The weekend may still seem a long way away but if morale is starting to dip, just remember its National Tell a Joke Day – something sure to generate a chuckle or two.

We’re a friendly bunch here and it hertz to see our customers feeling glum so we’re on hand to lighten up your day.

Watt a lot of rubbish you may be thinking but at Spark we’re big fans of a good energy joke and like to brighten the mood. At first, we too were sceptical but we quickly warmed to the idea.

Many of our customers ask how our energy advisors are always up to date? We tell them it’s because they’re current specialists of course…

We hope you’ve been re-energised by our electrifying pun filled post, however, we re-fuse to be beaten in the pun challenge! If you think you have the power we’d love to hear, please leave a comment below.

Thanks, Spark x

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