Building on a Brighter Future

There are so many things that have changed for the better over the last hundred years, exciting new technologies that have and will continue to transform the world and improve our welfare.

It’s incredible to think that 200 years ago, the average life expectancy was 35 years old, 100 years ago it was 50 and today, the majority of us will live to be over 70!

With virtual reality moving into our everyday lives and artificial intelligence getting all the more realistic, the future of technology is both exciting and overwhelming, read on to find out more about the future of clean energy and much more…

pexels-photo-356036Clean energy

Climate change is a real danger and while current requests to reduce the demand for energy have been unsuccessful, specialists have been working hard to make clean energy efficient and cost effective for us all.

The price of solar panels has dropped by 99.5% since 1977, pushing them into the spotlight to become the most cost effective energy source, way ahead of wind energy. These developments have seen organisations plan ahead, for example in India there is an ongoing initiative to convert airports to self-sustaining clean energy.

Did you know that there are more electric charging points for vehicles in Japan that there are petrol stations!? Things really are changing… watch this space!

Driving into the future

Sit back and let the car do the driving.

Over the past few years, driverless cars have been tested but we’re yet to see them in the ASDA carpark.

These vehicles have the capability of sensing the surrounding environment and navigating it successfully. They do require a person present at the wheel at all times to take control of the vehicle, just in case!

The models being trialled are also electric powered which cuts down on carbon emissions and with some of the biggest brands of petrol stations announcing they will be installing charge-points, keeping your wheels turning won’t be a problem.

Dreaming of the future

Pretty soon even your dreams may no longer be private.

Using pillows with conducting fibres, it will be possible to monitor electrical activity from the brain.

This will not only show when someone is dreaming, but recent developments indicate that we’ll also be able to tell what they are dreaming about. It will help to improve sleep patterns giving us all a better night’s sleep.

Reading of the future

Fed up of throwing newspapers away day in, day out? Fear not, soon there may be something known as ‘smart newspapers’.

The electronic device feels like an actual newspaper without the ink stained fingers!

According to the Interactive Newsprint website, the “smart” paper will see images or text printed on it change, or play a sound once a certain area on the surface is pressed.

“This means that sheets of paper can turn into interactive displays,” the site states.

It brings you the latest news in a matter of seconds. Where can we sign up?

Hey future, hurry up. We’re desperate to try these latest inventions!

If this isn’t up your street and if anything you wish your life was SIMPLER, why not read this blog about keeping things nice and simple.



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