Level Up On These Energy Stats

It’s video game day so it may be time to dig out the dusty Sega –  which as well as being a collector’s dream, is also much easier on your energy usage.

In fact, modern consoles consume up to four times more energy – perhaps not surprising considering they have enough processing power to manage a small country compared to their retro forefathers.

Gaming is no longer just teenagers in their bedrooms, in fact approximately 30 million of us play computer games in the UK, so it comes as no surprise that consoles continue to top peoples’ wish list, but at what cost?

Vampire Power

No, we’re not talking about Twilight or True Blood, instead the various devices which suck energy even when you’re not using them.

Did you know, the current generation of consoles use the same amount of energy, even when on standby?

Why does this matter? Well… the cost of running a games console has quadrupled since the 90s through a combination of increased functionality and the stealthy standby mode.

Things tend to cost more when left on standby as the system is never actually off.

If you play your console for 60 minutes and leave it on standby for the rest of the day, it could easily be draining up to 5 watts an hour, costing you £18.23 a year which could be best put towards a new game.Games Console

So, what can you do to keep the costs of your beloved console down?

  1. Make sure you turn it off after a hefty session and definitely don’t leave anything on standby
  2. Remove cables from USB ports when no devices are charging
  3. Use a DVD player to watch movies as your games console eats up far more energy than a regular DVD player
  4. Turn off voice command when in standby

By now you’ve probably worked out it’s not just the gaming machines that seep your electrical supply. Check out our blog post here about the quiet cost of other home appliances.

Happy gaming!

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