The Guide to a TV Binge

Winter is coming! Well not quite yet but it’s never far away when you live in the UK.

The long-awaited seventh season of Game of Thrones is upon us and with that comes TV binging, and lots of it.

As you dive into the realm of Westeros and Essos, lions and wolves and the impending reality of your favourite character’s sudden death (let’s be realistic from the start *sob*) we’re on hand to help you coach-potato like a pro, all the while keeping your energy costs down.

television binge

Preparation is key

Getting your supplies ready is essential, the last thing you want to do is hit pause. Get snacks that don’t need to go in the fridge or oven – fresh food or microwave meals are energy friendly and take no time to prep, helping balance your purse throughout your Thrones session.

Set the mood

No need for lights, Thrones is dark and medieval – Close those curtains, switch off the lights and submerge yourself in the land of George R.R. Martin, all the while keeping those energy costs at a minimum!

Wrap up

The show is known for its spine-chilling scenes so grab a blanket, get cosy and leave that heating off – it is supposed to be summer after all (though up here in Scotland, we’re not so sure).

In case you were wondering, it would take 55 hours to watch the 60 existing episodes – that’s a marathon if ever there was one – luckily we’ve just finished re-watching so if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got another season to complete 😉


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