Get in gear for Bike Week!

As the country gears up for yet another week of cycling activities, we at Spark are working out the logistics of this energetic sport.

Generating electricity with your bike may not be the most advantageous way to create energy but it is more environmentally friendly. Did you know, bikes eliminate the oil, fuel and hydraulic fluids dripped by cars onto the road surface!?

A typical bike generator can produce up to 100 watts. If you pedal for an hour a day, 30 days a month that would generate at least 3000 watts, this could power a microwave for around an hour.

So how much money would you save? Roughly around £13 a month, assuming that all your energy is captured as electricity.




If that’s not enough to get you on your bike then why not reap the overall health benefits, depending on your riding style, you could easily burn up to 600 calories an hour through steady cycling. Most bike commuters report losing 15 to 20 pounds during their first year in the saddle without changing their eating habits.

Cycling can easily be part of everyday life whether it’s for fun or a means of getting around.

So, leave the car at home and get on yer bike! For safety tips whilst cycling visit here.

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