The Quiet Cost of Your Appliances

Households up and down the country could manage their energy use smarter. Here at Spark, we’re on hand to help you identify which appliances are using up the most electricity and where you could make some valuable savings.

What are the most expensive items to use?

Fridges are the main offender for high energy bills, accounting for 20% of electricity consumed in the average UK home. Keeping your food and drink cold could be costing you around £79 per year! Did you know, if you switch to an energy efficient fridge you could save up to £49 per year?

On average, households spend between £50 – £86 a year on appliances which are in a non-active state. A wireless router, for example, quietly running in the background, can cost £22 a year on standby alone!

When choosing appliances, it’s really important to look at the energy ratings label and consider the size of appliance you require based on the size of your property.


How can I monitor how much I am spending on energy?

Simple – with smart meters! You’re probably hearing about these more and more, now that the UK government has a target to install these in every household, by 2020.

We’ve already rolled out a large number of Spark smart meters for our customers, putting them in control of their energy use. They’re incredibly useful little things, that, along with their special display units, allow you to receive a high level of accuracy on your energy usage – so you can start making changes and savings!

There’s no extra cost to fit a smart meter. In fact, you can claim yours today by giving us a call on 0345 034 7474. We’ll run through some quick questions, and if you’re eligible, one of our friendly engineers will be out for installation – it is as simple as that!

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