Save More Than Just Energy This Spring

The calendar’s shortest month is behind us, but as we approach the official start of Spring, it’s still chilly outside, in fact, freezing and you’re probably still using heaters and wearing those chunky-knit sweaters!

So, how about we say goodbye to those winter blues with some great money saving tips, which you can also use all year round…

There tends to be a lot of confusion around fuel consumption and energy saving. We’ve taken a closer look to clear-up the facts from fiction –


Fact: Phone and laptop chargers still use electricity when not charging.

Most people are aware of the old saying ‘if you’re not using it – switch it off!’ However, you may be surprised to learn that once your phone or laptop is unplugged, the charger could still be consuming energy (known as ‘vampire power’). If the charger is warm to touch, it will likely be using energy.

Fiction: LED bulbs are more expensive than regular bulbs.

LED lights are highly efficient when it comes to energy consumption and can significantly reduce your electricity bills. These popular lights are also widely regarded for their uses outside of the home e.g. street lights and flood lights. That’s not all, LED lightbulbs are completely safe, containing no toxic chemicals or heavy metals – which in turn can reduce your carbon footprint.

Fact and Fiction: Central heating is cheaper than warming one room with an electric heater or gas fire.

More often than not heating your entire home is more energy efficient than using a gas fire, especially if you use a room thermostat. A lot of heat generated from gas fires can be lost through chimneys or flues. An important factor to consider is the size of your home – in larger houses it may be more beneficial to heat one room.

If you’d like to learn about more life hacks around the home, why not visit here for further energy saving tips.


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