Burns Supper on an Energy Budget

Robert Burns is fondly remembered for his famous poetry and love songs, a master of verse. However old Rabbie, for all he is a global icon today, lived a modest lifestyle marked by long stretches below the breadline.


Despite being hugely popular, Burns died with only a net worth of £1 to his name. Today the portrait of Scotland’s national poet adorns £10 notes, but in his time he wasn’t defined by riches.



As people all over the world sit down on Wednesday to celebrate the life and works of Robert Burns, we want to save our customers some pennies by working out the most energy efficient way to cook a Burns supper.


Top chefs may be skeptical but the microwave ranks top of our table for cost effectiveness when it comes to preparing your haggis. By simply removing the skin, marking a couple of slices and placing in a suitable container for five minutes you can serve up a feast in no time while also trimming down your electricity usage.


If you’ve got a little more time on your hands but still want to keep down costs, reach for the slow cooker this Burns Night. Again, remove the skin but be warned – cooking time may be up to three hours, however these contraptions are designed to consume minimal energy which won’t push up your bills.



The most popular way to prepare a haggis is the traditional method of boiling in a pot for 45 minutes.  The energy consumption will depend on whether your hob is gas or electricity, but you can cut down on cooking time by using the right sized pot with a lid on top.  This is the method preferred by chefs but it sits in the middle when it comes to energy efficiency.


Finally, there is the oven. This is neither quick nor efficient but its many people’s preference for a delicious Burns feast.  The trick here is to wrap the haggis in tinfoil and place it in a casserole dish with a little hot water for around an hour at 180C.  While some swear by this method, it doesn’t score many points for reducing energy usage even if it does make for a haggis to remember.


Whatever way you choose to cook your Burns Supper we hope you have a wonderful evening and don’t fret too much about the difference between pots, pans and microwaves – our standard variable tariff is cheaper than the average of the Big Six suppliers so you can enjoy your meal without worrying about the monthly statement.

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