The Academy – Raising the bar at Spark

spark academy

At Spark, we’re committed to offering our customers a genuinely excellent customer experience. That’s why we’re excited to have completed work on our new staff training facility – The Academy.

The Academy will be the new home for our award-winning customer service training team – The People Team. It’s a place where all of our staff can come to learn, develop, and consistently raise the bar to new heights when it comes to delivering a great customer experience.

The Academy consists of a new office space that will house our HR and Training functions, comfortable meeting spaces, and an adaptable new training space.

The training space is divided into a presentation and discussion area, where staff can come together to share ideas and knowledge, and a nursery contact centre, where new team members can learn the ropes in a calm and supportive environment.

Speaking about the new facility, Director of People and Culture John Hawkins said: “We’re delighted to be putting the finishing touches to this new space here at Spark HQ. It’s the latest step in our continued mission to drive improvements in service and experience for our customers, and I’ve no doubt that it’s going to produce amazing results. It’s such an energetic and inviting space, I’m very confident that it’s going to inspire new and existing members of the team to learn and develop for themselves and the customers they serve.

Stay tuned for more about the human story behind The Academy as we start to see our first rounds of students complete their training in the coming weeks and months.

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