A weekend in the great outdoors

As we move into the warmer months, it’s time to keep that heating turned down or off. The easiest way to do that is to spend less time inside and more time outside!

Swap the duvet days for getting out and about, discover a new activity or just go for a brisk walk and enjoy some fresh air. You’ll be amazed by the hidden gems you’ll find on your doorstep when you take the time to explore your local town, city or countryside.

Here, at Spark HQ we’re lucky to be based in the town of Selkirk in the heart of the beautiful Scottish Borders. We’re in the midst of the local festival season so there are lots of people out and about enjoying the great outdoors and Common Riding festivities, us included!

Here are some ideas to get yourself out of the house and enjoying your local area too.

  1. Look up some walking routes. You ‘ll often find maps in local shops or on specialist walking websites, with recommended routes depending on how far you want to go and what you want to see.
  2. Get on your bike. Lots of towns and cities have cycle networks and places where you can hire a bike if you don’t have your own. Why not travel by pedal power for a change?7039144863_8bb3386c21_z
  3. Look up a list of the top local attractions and try to tick them all off. Soak up a bit of culture, find things to keep the kids entertained, or immerse yourself in local history.
  4. Grab a group of friends, a tent, a sleeping bag and some snacks… and head off camping for a night. Be sure to research places that are safe and let you to pitch a tent. If there isn’t anywhere near, why not try your own back garden?9580653400_e1509d6696_z
  5. Spend some down time in the park. Take a book, maybe your earphones too, and just relax.
  6. Go on a photography adventure. Whether you have a high tech camera, a smart phone or a disposable camera, see what sights and memories you can capture.16110623315_8a4416376d_z
  7. Branch out and try something new! Take a look at the tourism website for where you live. Sites like VisitEngland, VisitScotland and VisitWales have lots of ideas of things to do in your local area and inspiration for something new.

We’d love to hear any more ideas you have for enjoying the outdoors and any pictures you’ve taken while out and about. Tag us on Twitter using @SparkEnergyUK.

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