Top tips for staying safe in the summer sun!

As we head into the summer holiday season, most of us will be taking every chance we get to soak up some sun – and so we should!

A healthy dose of vitamin D is good for us and just being out in the fresh air can help both body and mind. Lots of people find their skin improves with sun exposure and the rays have been proven to release those endorphin hits.

However, it’s easy to be tricked into thinking our good old British sunshine is not as strong or doesn’t carry the same risks as the heat abroad and we need to be aware of the damage that can be caused.

This may all sound like old hat, but it’s good to be reminded of which precautions you should be taking whilst enjoying the sunshine. It’s not about hiding from the sun, but embracing it sensibly.

  1. Use sun cream. A pretty obvious starting point, but it’s not just about putting it on, the important part is making sure the factor is suitable – SPF 15 or higher is recommended by the NHS. Also check its star rating as this will show if it protects from both UVA and UVB rays.
  2. Once you’ve chosen your 5 star rated, SPF 15 + sun cream, apply it 15 minutes before sun exposure and keep reapplying! Even if you’re using a long lasting, waterproof cream, it needs to be topped up throughout the day.
  3. Remember that it’s the same sun that shines on the UK as the sun on the Costa del Sol, so take the same precautions here as you would there. We Brits are famous for getting caught out on the rare sunny days we have.
  4. Consider wearing a low SPF all the time. Lots of moisturisers and make up contain sun protection so have a look into if any of the items you wear can be swapped for something similar which will also give you that everyday boost of protection.
  5. Invest in a decent pair of sunglasses with proper UVA protection in the lenses. Your best bet is heading to the opticians.
  6. Avoid too much time in the hottest hours between 12pm and 3pm. This doesn’t mean you can’t be in the sun at these times, but just be extra careful.
  7. Wear a hat, it’s a great way to protect a sensitive scalp and also provides shade for your face.

Now go out and enjoy the special days when Britain sees the sun!

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