World Bike to Work Day

Our last blog told you how much you could help the planet just by leaving the car at home. Well, now is the time to put that into practice!

Fittingly slotted into the same week as Green Office Day, Tuesday 10th May is the day to dust off your bike, dawn your helmet and set off on the road, as we celebrate Global Bike to Work Day.

It’s not just the environment you’ll be helping when you cycle, your body will thank you for it too. It’s a great way to exercise whether you are a fitness pro or just starting out, as it is low impact but still gets your heart pumping and works your core muscles. You’ll save money on petrol, parking costs and even a gym membership as you are already fitting in a work out without even realising. There’s even Government and work schemes that can help you buy a bike so there’s really no excuse!

It is important to stay safe when cycling to work, especially if you are not used to it.  Make sure you are aware of other motorists, your own space and obey traffic lights and road signs. Also, don’t listen to music as you need to be able to hear everything going on around you.

The Strava Challenge is getting as many people as possible to take part in Global Bike to Work Day, and they are encouraging everyone who does to log their journey with them. The more people that do this will then help Strava to make changes to cities infrastructure to help make cycling easier for commuters.

Take a look at their website, to see how you can get involved!

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