Sassy Summer Drinks

In the hope that summer soon appears, we put together a list of cocktails and mocktails to get you in the mood!

They are all simple to make and the ingredients can be found in any supermarket.


Mocktails – just because you have your car doesn’t mean you can’t join in the party!

Cran Dandy Shandy

Just the name sounds fun! This is an easy crowd pleaser and will take you 2 minutes to create.

1 part (white) cranberry juice

1 part ginger beer

2 parts lemonade

Don’t worry too much about sourcing white cranberry juice, we’ve tried it with red and it tastes lovely.

Orange Fizz

Orange juice with a twist!

1 cup of fresh orange

½ cup of tonic water

1 teaspoon of lemon juice

Crushed ice


Tinto de Verano

Translated as ‘Summer Red Wine’ this is a two ingredient cocktail which tastes like Sangria but is a simpler version. Make it at home to feel like you’re in Spain and if you do happen to be in Spain, order this over Sangria to feel like one of the locals and save money.

1 part Red wine

1 part Lemonade

Having experimented, Fanta Lemon works well. Add ice to keep it chilled and a slice of lemon to garnish. You can also add soda water if you want it slightly diluted.

Summer Punch

This can double up as a mocktail recipe by leaving out the vodka – how efficient!

1 part vodka

2 parts mango juice

2 parts cranberry juice

1 part soda water

Add a handful of raspberries and a few slices of orange to make it even fruitier.

Rum Punch

This is similar to Sangria but using rum and white wine. The recipe is to make a pitcher.

1 bottle of white wine (choose a fruity one)

1 cup of white rum

1 cup of pineapple juice

Half cup of orange juice

To add to the sangria feel of this add some pineapple chunks, strawberries and orange chunks as well as lots of ice.

All of these recipes require no method, just combine, stir and enjoy!

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