Boxing Day Leftover Recipes

Roast Turkey

Over indulging has become part and parcel of Christmas celebrations, with each of us holding fond memories of feeling tired and full after a hearty festive meal.

Just remember you don’t need to cram it all in on Christmas Day. Delicious leftovers can form the the foundations to all manner of lovely boxing day feasts.

Below are a few of our favourite recipes, to help create the ultimate Boxing Day culinary extravaganza…

  1. Christmas Casserole

One for our old favourite, the slow cooker, involving anything still remaining once everyone has left the table on the 25th.

  1. Turkey and Mustard bake

A quick and easy pastry dish which can impress the in-laws when they come over on Boxing Day.

  1. Turkey, leek and blue cheese mashed potato pie

A hearty meal which delivers on taste. Ideal comfort food if relaxing is a priority.

  1. Boxing Day Brunch

Fuel yourself for the day ahead while using up the remains of the day before.

  1. Turkey Jalfrezi

A quirky dish straight from the east, this could be a bit of welcome relief if you’re getting bored of traditional Christmas dinners.

Our website is packed full of recipe ideas for all occasions so if you ever need some food for thought, get tucked in.

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