Rising smartphone usage heralds a Spark app

Ofcom’s latest communications market report has suggested Scotland is becoming a ‘smartphone society’, with 37% of internet users in Scotland citing them as the most important device for accessing the internet.

Over six in ten adults in Scotland now own a smartphone, with 52% of adults owning a tablet computer. Other findings include 73% of household having access to fixed and mobile broadband.

Meanwhile, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has published Internet Access – Households and Individuals – 2015. Figures show that 78% of adults in Great Britain now access the internet every day or almost every day, compared to 35% in 2006, with 86% of households have online access. 96% of 16 to 24 year olds accessed internet ‘on the go’, a figure which reduced to 29% among over 65s. 76% of adults bought goods and services online.

Spark Energy CEO Chris Gauld said: “What’s happening in Scotland is being mirrored all over the UK, emphasising the need for energy companies and other consumer-facing organisations to be accessible at all times via mobile technology. With this in mind, we will be introducing the Spark app very soon.”

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