Queries resolved on-line, on-time.

Faster than the Big Six

We appreciate time is precious, especially when you need assistance. Spark’s call answer times are 20% faster than the Big Six but our website is also designed to address the majority of queries which customers may hold.

It’s mobile optimised so people can access it on the move with an easy-to-navigate design which boosts functionality.

There are multiple ways to get in touch online, including our popular live chat system. It connects you directly with an advisor and lets you type your questions and queries to them and get instant responses in the form of private messages – ideal if you’re somewhere that calling isn’t appropriate, or if you prefer not to talk on the phone.

We also have an email contact section where you can describe your request in detail and one of our team will get back to you.

Once logged-in to the My Account section it’s easy to submit meter readings, keeping us up-to-date with your usage. There’s also plenty of info about each of the products and services that we offer, helping you to find all the information you need without having to leave the website.

Visit our website and have a look around – you’ll be impressed with what’s on offer.

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