Money saving apps

Money saving apps

At Spark we are always trying to save our customers money. Whether it is through our competitive tariffs, the promotion of Chop-Cloc energy management devices or just some good old fashioned sound advice, there is plenty of help available.

Most of us use smart phones for many aspects of our daily routines, relying on them for all manner of activities. They are also extremely handy for helping to save money, with a whole world of apps on offer which can assist with managing a budget.

Metre Reading App

Software for your iPhone which helps to monitor household utility metres. By simply entering readings, usage, costs and savings are calculated and displayed in easy to view graph format. A little treat for the more organised amongst us.

My SuperList

Running out the door to the supermarket without the faintest idea of what to buy will be a thing of the past after using My SuperList.

The app replaces the old fashioned shopping list with an interactive framework, allowing shoppers to put together their items taken from an extremely usable menu.

My SuperList also lets you compare prices, order online and even scan barcodes to check for the best deal in town.

0800 Wizard

‘Calls to this number are chargeable from mobiles’ are eight words which really grind our gears.

The 0800 Wizard connects calls automatically by swapping the 0800 number for an 01,02 or 03 which are much cheaper and usually included in calling plans.


Transfer money abroad, with the best exchange rates. Azizo can deliver to any bank account or over 200,000 pick-up locations around the world.


Instead of trawling through countless daily deal sites each morning, Redeemia saves you the hassle by grabbing the best bargains from each provider and matching them to your preferences.

Get the offers you are looking from well-known websites including Groupon, KGB Deals, Wowcher, Secret Escapes etc etc etc

 Hotel Tonight

Find a hotel anywhere in the world, getting last minute discounts on their empty rooms. Taking only 10 seconds to make a reservation, and sorting locations into categories like basic, hip and luxury, this is the future of city breaks.

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