Apple Watch

April 24 is a big day for many for technology gurus, as the much anticipated Apple Watch is available for sale in UK stores.

However, it is on limited distribution, with only one up-market London boutique actually stocking Apple’s latest release. Despite this potential barrier, it’s almost guaranteed people will queue up overnight in the rush to be first to own Apple’s foray into the wearables market.

The Apple Watch starts at £299/£339 (Sport edition, £299 for 38mm; £339 for 42mm) in the UK. The Apple Watch Collection starts from £479 and goes up to £949 in 38mm. The Apple Watch Edition, crafted from 18k gold, will be available in limited supply, and will cost from £8,000.

Those eager to purchase must also own an iPhone in order to use the Apple Watch, so you’re looking at an additional £319 (for the iPhone 5C). The Apple Watch is compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

The watch gives users the ability to send and receive calls, while being jammed full of apps and top of the range fitness software which will make any workout routine interesting.

Additionally, with either an ion-strengthened or flexible sapphire display (depending on model), the watch screen is, apparently, unbreakable

As with all of Apple’s products, the interface has been created with user customisation in mind. The company has produced a series of unique faces to choose from, including classic watch designs, animated images and many more extensively customisable art work.

The way users interact with the Apple Watch has obviously also been something which the tech gurus have spent a lot of time on, creating a new and unique operating system (WatchOS) and input methods for the device.

All around, this is a pretty exciting addition to the wearables market and with demand already going ‘through the roof’; look out for people wearing Apple Watches in the not so distant future.

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