How to have an energy efficient Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day Spark Energy

Because nothing says romance like candles, snuggling under a blanket and giving recycled cards.

  1. Light your home with candles
    Your loved one will be overwhelmed by the romantic gesture, while you can save money on electricity bills.
  2. Turn up the heat by turning the down the radiator
    Save even more by lowering the temperature in the house and snuggling up under a blanket together.
  3. Eat at home
    Instead of splashing out on an expensive meal, why not cook a delicious leg of lamb or roast a chicken in a slow cooker? These one-pot wonders are highly energy efficient and will also take minimal effort. We even have a list of easy slow cooker recipes in a blog below.
  4. Turn the TV off and talk to each other
    A potentially terrifying situation, but why not turn the TV and laptops off and just talk to each other? Reminisce about the past and make plans for the future
  5. Have an entire electricity-free day
    Stay in bed, order a take-away from your mobile and play on old school battery-operated Gameboys, read magazines…or find something else to pass the time.
  6. Struggling for gifts or cards?
    Christmas wasn’t that long ago, wrap up an unopened box of chocolates and recycle an old valentines card -even the one they gave you last year, just cross out the ‘to’ and ‘from’ names and swap them around.

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