Spark celebrates National Customer Service Week and membership of ICS

Spark Energy join Institute of Customer Service

CEO Chris Gauld with Shirley MacNabney from ICS and Head of Customer Services Paul Martin

We were delighted to take part in National Customer Service Week 2014, to celebrate our new membership to the Institute of Customer Service. Membership gives us access to the Institute’s vast resource of training and expertise that will help us to continue to improve our service and ultimately achieve accreditation.

Strict criteria

By meeting the strict qualifying criteria set out by the Institute in order to gain accreditation, we’ll benchmark our performance against some of the most respected brands in the UK and confirm our position as a provider of five star customer service.

Working together

The Institute’s Shirley McNabney visited during National Customer Service Week to present Spark Head of Customer Services Paul Martin and CEO Chris Gauld with our ICS membership plaque. Jo Causon, chief executive of the Institute of Customer Service commented:  “I’m delighted to welcome Spark as members of the Institute of Customer Service. Membership of the Institute provides the opportunity to benchmark against other organisations in a range of sectors; opportunities to share with and learn from other members within the extensive network; access to our research and insight; and the opportunity to drive service professionalism, through our customer service qualifications programmes.”

Getting started

National Customer Service Week was a great opportunity for us to kick things off and focus on ways that we can provide a better service both internally – between departments – and externally, to our customers. The whole business was involved in a range of activities, from the simple team-building Getting to Know You quiz, to the Senior Management Team Q&A session. Each one was designed to promote better working between departments and highlight possible areas for improvement in service.

Back to the Floor

A key highlight of the week came on Tuesday with our own version of the popular TV show, Back to the Floor. The CEO and other senior managers spent the morning working different roles, reconnecting with day to day processes or customer-facing roles and experiencing life in different departments. It was their opportunity to spot any opportunities to make things better for our customers or staff, to share knowledge and pass on experience.

Instant results

Customer Services Manager William Russell’s time spent in the Billing department summed this up perfectly as he was able to spot where efforts were being duplicated between departments. He’s since been able to implement an improvement plan to streamline processes and free up more time for the contact centre to spend on answering customer queries and providing a Five Star customer experience.

A great week

All in all it was a really useful and productive week, which produced some immediate improvements and a lot of food for thought to take forward into the coming weeks and months as we work towards our Institute of Customer Service accreditation.

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