A bit of background


Tell us a bit about how Spark Energy came into existence?

Spark launched in 2007 with an aim to improve the energy experience of tenants, landlords and letting agents. Our founders are from that market and knew that those customers suffered with high prices and low service because the big guys didn’t focus on their needs.
Since then we’ve provided good value energy to over 400,000 tenants, we work with the UK’s top letting agents and now employ nearly 250 people. We are based in the Scottish Borders and about 80% of our customers in England.

What sets Spark Energy apart from other gas and electricity suppliers?

Because we’re niche focused we do things differently, and we try harder. We haven’t always got it right but our focus now is on providing customers with a five star service (our call wait times are amongst the best and 9 out of 10 complaints are resolved within 24 hours). Our Price Guarantee means prices and always fair, simple and competitive – for example we have the cheapest variable product in the energy market today and no tie-ins or exit fees on any of our tariffs.
We believe that different is good and while we can’t fix all of the challenges of the energy industry issues, what we can do is give customers our best prices on Day One, remove as much hassle as possible and then be there for them within seconds when they have a question, an issue or need to make a change. We can also constantly improve and this is something we are proud of.

Can you describe Spark Energy’s approach to the energy market in one sentence?

We’ll continue to challenge the norm and provide tenants with good value energy and better customer satisfaction than the Big Six. We’ve more to do and we’ve got some big plans ahead.

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