Broadband from Spark: Getting you online in no time.

Our exciting new broadband service is now available. Giving you the ability to get online in 48 hours, with great speeds and short contracts that suit your tenancy – we’re a great alternative to the big providers.

How it works
Next time you’re moving home, we can give you the option of broadband along with the great value electricity and gas you can already get from Spark. Instead of taking out a new 18 month contract with a large supplier – that’ll take at least 10 days to connect – you’ll be able to have a brand new router working in your new home within 48hrs. It’s that easy! Even if you’re not moving, we can still offer you great benefits and a speedy service that’s tailored to tenants.

Short contracts, to suit your tenancy.
Most broadband contracts are 18–24 months long – squarely aimed at homeowners. And with most broadband suppliers, if you leave a contract early, you’ll have to pay an exit penalty that Citizen’s Advice recently estimated to be on average around £190 – a cost that BBC’s Watchdog says is too high.

We understand that tenants don’t want to be tied-in to long contracts, that’s why our convenient contracts start at 6 months, and we don’t have any exit fees or penalties. If you want to take us with you at the end of your tenancy, just let us know where you’re moving to and we’ll have everything switched on the minute you move in the door.

It’s flexible, with no obligation.
Just like with our utilities service, you’re under no obligation to use our broadband if you don’t want to. We’ll ask the question and if you say you’re not interested then you’re totally free to switch to your preferred provider entirely free of charge. Just remember, it’ll probably take at least ten days – sometimes two weeks or longer – to get connected, and you’re likely to be tied into a long contract with hefty exit penalties.

Free minutes and cheap calls
It’s not just about the internet – it’s important to make sure you keep up the calls home to your Mum and other loved ones too, so we’ve included a great landline telephone service in the price. Unlike many suppliers, we’ll give you free bundled minutes and cheap call rates, so you don’t have to pay over the odds to keep in touch with your loved ones.

On average our call costs actually save customers 84% on UK landline calls (just 2.5p), 44% savings on mobiles (just 10p) and over 90% savings on international calls (just 3p to call Australia). There are no call set-up or connection fees – the price advertised is the price you pay – so no surprises each month, just one simple monthly bill online.

Always fast, with no download limits
There’s nothing we all hate more than the stuttering and endless buffering of a slow internet connection, that’s why our standard down-the-phone-line ADSL broadband gives you speeds of up to 24mbps. And if you’re after something with a little more oomph then we can offer super-fast fibreoptic broadband with speeds up to 40mbps in some areas too. There’s no fair usage policy on any of our contracts, so whichever package you decide to go for, we’ll never try to limit you or slow you down.

A package to suit you
Whether you’re a casual web browser or a high-intensity gamer, you’re into streaming movies or just keeping in touch on social media, we’ve got a package to suit your needs. From solo students to big families, there’s an option to match your budget – starting from just £8.50 per month plus line rental.

Head on over to the website at to pick the option that suits you best.

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