Save time, save hassle – the new Spark Energy App

Soon you’ll be able to check your balance, pay a bill, set up a direct debit, enter a meter reading and more with our new Spark Energy App. We understand that our customers want easy access to all aspects of their account from their mobile devices both at home and on the move. Not only that, over 30% of our online traffic comes from mobiles and tablets – a number that’s set to grow – so it’s a no-brainer for us to provide an optimised solution for customers that works seamlessly with, and takes advantage of, all of the additional features of your device.

The app is packed with cool new features designed to make your life a little easier. Just scan a QR code and we’ll register your account – no forms to fill in. Sick of being stuck in the back of a cupboard, trying to scribble down your meter reads with a pen, while pointing a torch at the same time? Well now you can use your phone’s flash to light the way while you simply tap the reading directly into the app. Then it’s sent straight to us, no need for emails or calls – job done.

Gone are the days of complicated calculations and awkward conversations with your housemates – now you’ll be able to divide your bills and send messages direct to your friends to tell them how much they owe, straight from the app. We know this technology is in demand (if for no other reason than that Google is trying to patent it) so we’re delighted to include it within our app. With any luck you’ll never be out of pocket for bills again!

You’ll be able to do all the same useful stuff you can do on our website – like paying a bill, viewing your payment history, or setting up a direct debit – but you’ll also have enhanced features like seamless mobile Live Chat and useful graphs to let you manage your energy usage. You’ll save time and frustration because we’ll be at your fingertips whenever and wherever you need us. And we’ll send you handy push notifications to let you know how much energy you’re using, when your bill’s on its way, or to give you the latest energy saving tips.

We know we’re not the first company to launch an app, there are millions of apps out there after all, but we like to think that ours is easily one of the best in the UK energy sector, with unique features that work every time.

Security is something that concerns a lot of customers when it comes to apps and managing their affairs online, so we had the safety of our customers and their data at the forefront of our minds throughout the design process. Only the bare minimum of personal data is kept within the app – all transactions are handled securely by PayPal and Global Iris – so none of your debit or credit card details are stored on the device.

We also use HTTPS and SSL connections for all data transmission, including payments, so all your information is perfectly safe. What’s more, we use a simple PIN system for access the app, so there’s no need to remember another complex password. 

It’s important to us that you’re safe using the app, but most of all we just want to create something helpful, that you’ll use and will change the way you manage your energy supply. One key way that we hope the app will enable you to do this is with our seamlessly integrated Live Chat system.

Our call and web stats show that the majority of customers contact us at lunch time, and that’s exactly when we think Live Chat will come in handy. Maybe you can’t call, because you’re still in the office, or you’re in the queue at the sandwich shop – now you’ll be able to pop open the app and discretely chat to one of our agents. After all, we’re real people, in a big old mill in the Scottish Borders, trying to make your life a little easier.

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