0345 is the magic number

You might have noticed that we’ve recently replaced all of our 0845 numbers with 0345 alternatives. 0345 numbers have been introduced to make it fairer for you to get in touch from a mobile phone.

From now on, if you call our 0345 numbers from a mobile, the call will be included within the free bundled minutes you get with your contract. Don’t have free minutes in your call package? Not to worry – you’ll pay the same rate as if you called a local number starting 01 or 02.The costs are the same from a landline, so there’s no more having to worry about which number to call, and no need for an unduly big bill if you do. All you have to remember is to substitute that first 8 for a 3 – all the other digits of all our contact numbers stay the same.

There’s always an alternative…

Even though we’ve made it cheaper to call, we don’t want to have you hanging on the phone, so if we’re busy we’ll still offer you a callback in the queue, to let you get on with things. And let’s not forget that with our online live chat service, there’s no need to call at all.

There’s always someone at the end of the line from 8am to 8pm during the week, and 9am ‘til 2pm on a Saturday, but if you need to manage your account any other time you can log in to your account 24/7 at sparkenergy.co.uk/login. If you can’t get online and you need to pay a bill or give us a meter read then you can use our handy automated phone service which has – you guessed it – a new 0345 number too!

Soon we’ll be launching our new App to make it even easier to manage your account when you’re on the move.

When to call and why?

We’ve all been there: you call a business number and get the dreaded message “call volumes are higher than normal”. You’re in a queue, along with everyone else, and you’re wondering why it has to be this way!? We can assure you, we’re getting through calls as quickly as we can, whilst maintaining a high quality of service and resolving as many issues as we can whilst you’re on the phone, first time you call. But did you ever wonder why there are so many people calling at the same time? At Spark, there’s one big reason which might surprise you, and if you knew about it, it might stop you from having to call in the first place…

We find our call volumes highest every month around billing time – which might give you a clue about why so many are calling to speak to us! Yes, by far and away the biggest reason people call is to check that their bill is correct. And in the vast majority of cases the reason that a customer’s bill isn’t accurate is because it’s based on an estimate.

Estimated bills use your previous usage figures, or energy industry data, to give us a rough estimation of your usage for the month or quarter. Until there’s a Smart Meter in every home, estimates are the best solution that we have, but the best way to make sure your bill is accurate is to avoid estimates altogether.

Avoiding estimated bills

The easiest way to make sure your bill is always correct is to give us regular meter readings. We’ve made this process as easy as possible by giving you loads of ways to do it. You can enter your readings online by logging into your account, or give us them over the phone using our 24/7 automated phone service. If you’d rather speak to a member of the team, we’d be happy to take your call, and we can even send you regular emails to remind you when it’s time.

The whole process should only take a couple of minutes and if you give us them by the 25th of each month we’ll make sure that your bill is correct every time.

So we hope that you’ll like our new 0345 numbers, but remember – if you keep us up to date with meter readings you might not need to call at all!

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