Spot the difference

If you caught the news earlier this week you might have noticed that Ofgem fined one of the bigger energy companies because of the difference in cost across some of their energy tariffs.

The energy regulator has ruled that charging a premium to customers who don’t pay by direct debit can be justified, but only up to a point and it is dependent on the costs incurred by the provider.

 Are we any different?

Here at Spark we’re in a unique position as the only specialist energy company for the rental sector, where customers (tenants) move in and out quickly – five times the rate of homeowner energy customers.

As a result our energy tariffs provide complete flexibility to our customers and a number of our tariffs are among the cheapest in the industry, but some are more expensive.

At Spark, all new customers are immediately put on our low introductory tariff for 30 days, unlike the Big Six who put new customers on a higher rate. We realise you’ll be really busy when you move in, so the 30 days is a useful breathing period in which you can decide how they want to pay.

What’s the best tariff for you?

The key here is choice and we have a range of options to suits you best.

Whether it’s Direct Debit Advance (the cheapest variable tariff on the market), Direct Debit Saver (our most popular product), Pay As You Go Saver (for pre-payment meters), or Monthly Premium (pay by cash or card each month) we want you to choose the tariff that’s best for you.

The Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Davey has called for pre-payment meters (pay-as-you-go) to be more affordable, and we think this is really important too.

Our fixed rate pre-payment tariff costs just £6 more per year than our Direct Debit Saver and our variable pre-payment tariff costs £48 more, allowing you to budget effectively for the energy you use.

Are you on the wrong tariff?

Unfortunately, we have a small number of customers who move through their first 30 days with us and don’t get in touch with us. These customers are moved at that point onto our higher monthly cash tariff – Monthly Premium.

Our Monthly Premium tariff is more expensive than other tariffs we offer. Some people like the flexibility of paying by cash each month, but it’s very costly for us when people don’t pay at all. If you ask us, we don’t really want our customers to choose this tariff – we can offer a much better deal if customers set up a Direct Debit or opt for a prepayment meter.

So if you need help deciding which tariff is best for you or want to discuss how you can save money on your energy bills, please contact our team and we will help find a payment option that is right for you!

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