Help the Planet and Save Money

Save energy with SparkWe all want to be more energy efficient – reducing energy bills and saving money. However, more often than not, putting this into practice is a different story.

We aren’t suggesting you sit in darkness, switch off your heating and wear layers of clothes at home but there are several things which can be done on a daily basis to notably reduce bills.

  1. Turn out the lights – Seems simple doesn’t it? Many of us forget to switch off the light when we leave a room and it’s a bad habit. By turning off that switch, you can considerably save money.
  2. Don’t overfill the kettle – Are you making tea for five people or just yourself? If it’s the latter, only fill up the kettle with the necessary amount of water. Heating up water uses a large amount of energy, something people may not be aware of.
  3. Fill up the dishwasher – Don’t waste energy by using the dishwasher for a couple of plates. Wait until it is full before switching it on.
  4. Unplug – Many people underestimate the amount of energy consumed by plugs switched on at the wall or appliances sitting on standby. If you incorporate a quick plug check into your daily routine, before you leave for work in the morning or go off to bed, you will soon notice the difference.
  5. Turn down the temperature – We guarantee that if you turn down your thermostat on milder nights, you won’t notice a difference in temperature, but a difference in cost.
  6. Get a draught excluder – A significant amount of heat can be lost through gaps in the floor or draughts around windows and doors, especially during the winter months. There is a range of draught-proofing products available to buy, saving you money on your bills.
  7. Purchase some energy efficient appliances – You may be avoiding doing this as it may involve spending more money but buying energy efficient appliances can save a substantial amount of cash in the long run, so patience is the key.

By following some of these simple steps, you will notice a significant difference in energy bills, as well as saving the planet. It’s a win-win situation!

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