Be Smart With Spark

Spark smart meterSmart meters used to be known as the future of energy supply but with a widespread roll-out in place already, they are well and truly a thing of the present.

The next generation machines are already revolutionising energy usage for many households, relegating ‘estimated bills’ as thing of the past.

Spark aims to have installed smart meters for each of our customers later in 2014. This is going to fundamentally change the overall billing process, allowing users to accurately monitor their bills in real-time.

This means estimated bills will no longer be issued, with usage tallying up on a daily basis and customers only paying for energy supplied.

It will also see an end to large final bills because energy will be paid for as it is used, rather than a major final month recalculation of supply.

Similarly, meter readers will no longer have to visit people’s homes, occasionally unable to gain access leading to estimated bills.

This will save time, as customers don’t need to worry about informing providers of their usage, with everything controlled remotely.

Overall, smart meters give households much more control of their energy. Energy saving initiatives can be tracked, peak periods worked out and most importantly, bills reduced and managed.

By being able to continually view information about supply the intention is customers will see their usage and adapt accordingly improving the overall experience with energy providers.

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