Eco Summer Holiday

Summer has finally come and it’s summer holiday time for many of us. Have you ever wondered what you can do to be a bit more green on your summer hoilday?

1. If you’re going abroad, try and see if you can book a non-stop flight, planes give out most of their carbon emissions when taking off and landing.

2. Pack your own toiletries, it takes a lot of energy to produce all the tiny plastic bottles and their contents for the ones at the hotel, they don’t get many uses and are thrown away ususally instead of being recycled at the end.

3. If you’re buying souvenirs, buy locally made or handcrafted ones

4. Ask the hotel if they recycle, a lot of people buy bottled water on holiday and throw away the bottles!

5. If you are not going abroad, the Eden Project – is amazing and everything is eco friendly, have a look at some pictures underneath



bee-sculpture-biomes-daffodil-bed eden-sessions-flags-biomes mediterranean-biome-wedding-night rainforest-aerial-walkway-construction royal-duchy-terrace





6. If you can’t think of what to do with the kids during the long summer days, you could go out for a bike ride, a picnic, bake cakes, recycle old cardboard boxes by making a robot :)

7. Visit a farm or a farmers market, can’t get much more eco than this!

Whatever you get up to in your summer holidays, we hope you enjoy them!

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