Solar Powered Gadgets

Summer has finally come (sort of!) so a great way of saving energy is using solar gadgets. Not only will you be saving energy because you’ll be outside sunning yourself in the garden and not using energy in the house, when you do come to use some appliances the solar powered ones will save you even more!

You’d be surprised at what can be powered by the sun these days. man-gadgets, all sorts of household items and even toys for the kids. We thought these ones were really clever.

Believe it or not, you can get a men’s solar powered travel shaver that comes with a beard trimmer. Genius!

solar powered shaver

Gorilla Pad Connector

Gorilla Pad Connector – this bad boy can have your iPad fully charged within 2 hours, catch those rays!





With this Fusion Solar Messenger bag, you can charge a few different things as it has a 12V car adaptor plug, very handy.

Fusion Solar Bagaluminium helicopter┬áThis is a bit of a boy toy but good fun, solar powered aluminium helicopter – makes a good gift!





Speaking of toys, there are some amazing children’s toys out there you would never have even thought of.

Smallest F1 car in the world – this little solar powered car can zoom all over the place on some sunlight

music box

f1 car

The solar powered music box comes from Science Time and is a great way of teaching kids about how solar energy works.



This little solar powered funfair construction set is ideal for older kids that like to build and make things.

The solar powered carousel is a very cute gift for kids and will never need any batteries :)


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