Amazing Eco

It’s great when everyone makes even just a little bit of effort to be more eco-friendly. Recycling as many household materials as you can, turning your thermostat down by just one notch, reading your magazine subscription online instead of receiving in the post, bringing your own mug to the coffee shop. These are all little ways that you can be more eco-friendly.

Some people have gone that little step further and built eco-houses!

At stunning Rocky Lane in Cornwall there are brand new eco-houses built 5 minutes away from the beach!

RockyLane Interior Rocky Lane





This house in Melbourne sits on an artificial hill and was architect, Andrew Maynard’s idea. It has a rooftop garden and an industrial spiral staircase inside

House-on-a-hill Hill-House-18 stair





This next amazing eco-home belongs to Simon Dale of North Wales, he replicated the Hobbit home from Lord of the Rings!

hobbit-home-2 hobbit-home-1





Who said being eco wasn’t cool? :)

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