The Life Story of the Hot Water Bottle

It’s June on Saturday and we’re still feeling the chill :( when is it going to be summer?!

Instead of putting the heating on (or if it’s still on instead of turning it up), cuddling up to a hot water bottle might be a good idea.

leopard print hot water bottle microwave lavender heat pack Tea and Sympathy Hot Water Bottle






Hot water bottles have been used since around the 16th Century, the early version from then held hot coals from the fire and was wrapped in a cloth to prevent burning. Once the bed was warm, they were then removed. As time went on, these were adapted to contain water but were still made of materials like metal or ceramic.

old hot water bottle

Hot water bottles as we know them today were designed in 1903 by Eduard Penalka, a Croatian inventor. Modern day hot water bottles are made of rubber and come in all shapes and sizes, nowadays they also come in the form of heat packs that can go in the microwave and don’t even contain any water! So there you have it, from the 16th Century to 2013, the humble hot water bottle has come a long way!





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