Solar Lighting

Finally the sun has decided it’s going to stick around! With the days getting a little longer and lighter, it might be a good time to invest in some solar lights :) owl lights - Argos These cute little owl chaps are from Argos and come priced at £14.99.   If you’re having a garden party, solar lights are perfect to add a little magical touch and you’re being eco-friendly at the same time!


There are many benefits to solar lights apart from them just looking pretty. They’re free to run, which is great if you can’t afford to run extra lighting,  you can easily install them yourself and they do last for many years meaning you don’t have to replace them or the batteries in them for a long time. It’s also very handy that you don’t need to run cables to and from the house. If your garden or the outside of your house is well lit, chances are it would probably lessen the chance of burglars coming near your property!

Solar lights come in all different shapes and sizes,  here are some ideas for your garden, we found all of these on Amazon.

rattan light 

coloured pots ice brick lanternschinese lantern_ dragon flies blue net lightswind spinner

amazon - solar windchime

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