Tips for a Rainy Day

First we had subzero temperatures, ice and snow in March. Now it’s come into April and we have torrential rain and gale force winds. Great. Not really the spring we were hoping for so looks like we’ll be spending a few days indoors!

It’s really easy to sit inside, crank the heating up, leave the TV on, draw the blinds and drink your weight in tea. Here are some tips to help with energy saving if you do decide to spend a rainy day indoors.

Boy writing in window fog


If you turn your thermostat down by 1 degree, you may be able to save up to £60.00 a year.

Even doing something as simple as  just putting on a big old pair of fluffy socks can help keep you warm without the need to turn the heating up.

Instead of wearing one thick layer, put on a several thin layers, this will trap warm air close to your body.

A keyhole cover will keep draughts out of your home when it’s cold and should only cost a few pounds.



Your microwave will use less energy than the oven in your cooker. If you do have to use your oven, see if you are able to cook a few meals at a time to save energy. Once your done, leave the oven door open to help heat the room.



Keeping your fridge and freezer full up uses less energy, try to keep them stocked up, even if you put ice in your freezer, this will still work. 

Make sure that the coils at the back of them are kept clean, this makes sure that they run at their optimum energy usage and no more.

Make sure you use the right pans for the right rings on your cooker, unnecessarily using larger pans will take longer to heat things up using more energy.

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