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You jump out of bed, get ready for work and open the front door. Looking outside, you’re suddenly greeted by beautiful sparkling pavements, glistening cars and trees with gorgeous leaves of red and gold.

It may only be Autumn, but it’s freezing! The last few days we’re all finding  ourselves having to scrape windscreens before driving to work and wondering which cupboard we hid those winter boots in.

Here are some helpful tips to keep the chills at bay for cheap.

Invest In A Onesie

All in one pyjamas, especially fleece ones, are great at keeping the heat in! You can pick them up for around £10.00 in Asda or Primark at the moment. A little higher up the price scale is Marks & Spencer from around £15 and Next from around £20. A good investment that will go a long way (we found the ones with feet worked particularly well at keeping the heat in!). If onesies are not your thing, then we’d recommend a good pair of pyjamas made out of fleece material works a treat.

Tin Foil

You may be wondering what on earth you can use tin foil for in relation to keeping warm.

Fixing  tin foil behind your radiators helps reflect the heat into the room instead of it escaping through the walls. You can easily use sticky tape  or something similar to stick it to the wall behind the radiator. Try to keep the shiny side close to the radiator. You can pick up some tin foil for around £0.90 pence in Tesco and just over £0.70 pence in Asda. Now all you need to do is remember to keep all of your windows and doors shut to keep that heat in!

Hot Water Bottles & Handwarmers

You can pick up both of these just about anywhere. Hot water bottles are starting to pop up all over in the shops now and we’ve seen them from around £3 to £5. If you’re looking for really cheap handwarmers, you will be able to find these on Amazon and EBay for under £1.00 if you’re prepared to wait a couple of days for delivery.  If you are able to get reusable ones, these can last for months, even years!


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That’s all for now, stay warm!

Spark Energy Online Team

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