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It’s been a great end to a great week here at Spark. Today we’re at Lettings Agency of the Year – check it out at, good luck to everyone, we’re excited to see who will receive which awards! Our Managing Director, Chris Gauld, will be presenting 1 0r 2 awards so look out for pictures to come soon.

We’ve all got our sun lotion on here this week at head office so we don’t get burned when we go out – don’t forget yours too! It’s really easy to save energy in this weather, if you’re outside having a BBQ then this will save you using the cooker, don’t forget to switch all your appliances from standby to off since you won’t be using them. If you have a washing line, get your washing drying outside (probably not during the BBQ though!). Even if you’re not having a BBQ, make a nice summer salad that doesn’t have to involve any cooking and you’re still saving energy.

Remember to turn down the temperature for your hot water, it won’t need much help in this weather. Fill the freezer with cheap ice pops or even better fun, make your own from tasty fruit juice and treat yourself to one to cool down instead of the air con or fan being on. The fuller your fridge, the colder it becomes so if you do open the door it will stay colder for longer. Keep it stocked up with some tasty summer treats.

If you’re having a garden party and intend on continuing into the night, get some solar garden lights. You can pick them up almost anywhere and they all tend to be a very fair price, look lovely too. On days like these, see what else you can find that’s solar powered – you’ll get a great charge from all the sunshine and long hours. If you live rural then take any fallen branches lying around for fuel for a chimnea or just a fire for ourdoors at night time, saves using expensive patio heaters for when the air gets cooler at night time.

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Have a great weekend!

Spark Energy Team

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